Folkstaden deltar i festivalen Borderland, Danmark



Folkstaden deltar i festivalen Borderland i Danmark under en vecka 25 -31 juli 2017. Det är en deltagarfestival med 2000 personer som var och en bidrar med olika aktiviteter och projekt och har sin förebild i festivalen Burning Man, USA.

Folkstaden presenterade workshopen ”The Cloud Cathedral” 

Här texten från hemsidan Borderland Dreams som beskriver innehållet:  Summary: Welcome to co-create a scenario for a future post-consumerism and a collaborative society. We will discuss, make simple sketches, write words etc on wallpaper. On the big inflatable structure -The Cloud Cathedral – movies of sketches will be screened.

The Cloud Cathedral är en del av projektet Scenario för samskapande med finansiering från Kulturbryggan.


Folkstaden presenterade också  ”Dream Glasses Workshop” 

Här texten från hemsidan Borderland Dreams som beskriver innehållet:  Summary:   As the expression “see the world through different glasses”, this workshop aims to create a new way of looking at the world and a no limit design approach when we make the glasses. We will afterwards celebrate it with a Dream Glasses Party.


Mer bilder till ”The Cloud Cathedral”






Full description of concept ”The Cloud Cathedral”:

Hi, we are first time Borderlings. You are welcome to our afternoon tea party at 3pm every day (bring cups) were we co-create a scenario for a post-consumerist and collaborative society. Also kids are welcome in company with parents. We gather in groups of about 8-10 people around sheets of decorative wallpaper on the ground, where we discuss, make simple idea sketches, write words, patterns and whatever. The ideas of the future post-consumerism and collaborative society can be of any kind – social, political, technical etc etc. It can be realistic in a near future or very visionary utopian dreams in a longer perspective.

It will also be possible to record short scenario stories which later can be listened to with headphones in The Cloud Cathedral.

The simple sketches on the wallpaper will afterwards be filmed with a mobile phone and then screened with projectors on the ceiling in the big inflatable structure – The Cloud Cathedral. The screened dreams – simple sketches and words – will form something like a medieval church with painting in the ceiling or like ancient cave drawings.

Everybody is also welcome to use the cathedral for different purpose, for example meditation, a chorus mass with ohms or just lying down relaxing for a small chat and looking upwards to all screened dreams etc.

We, Tomas and Magdalena, will make a start to the discussion with a scenario of our own, that will be published here in june/july and at the workshops. We will also post a schedule for workshops etc.

You are most welcome and we think it will be a interesting, fun and serious workshops. After Borderland we will continue to build The Cloud Cathedral for 100 years, as Sagrada Familia in in Barcelona until it is finished.

Full description of concept  ”Dream Glasses Workshop” :

Are you fed up with all boring and pretentious glasses available to buy?

As the expression “ see the world through different glasses” we all have different way of looking at situations in life and work. This workshop aims to give a new look and new perspective of the world. The workshop also aims to create a no limit design approach when we make the glasses.

Everybody is welcome to our workshop to design and make dream glasses. The workshops starts everyday at 1pm. Also kids in company with parents are welcome.

How does your dream glasses look like? – fun, diabolic, beautiful, ugly, tuff, hard, loveful, flowerlike, burning, caring, organic, self glowing, ecologic, biomimic, piglike, barock, transgender?
Here you can create the colour of your future dream world – is it blue, pink, yellow, brown, green, grey, purple, black, scarlet, white, red or multicolour?
Choose colour and start making your dream glasses for yourself or to give a person who need a different perspective of life.
You are welcome to take part or lead the workshop. We will prepare the workshops with useful materials and tools. You are welcome to contribute with special material or bring your old glasses to rebuild with new materials. We will have different colours of transparent plastic and materials for frames and useful tools. We start workshops with idea sketches and then start to make glasses.

We will celebrate the new and different look at the world with a special Dream Glasses Party one evening/night. To arrange the party we need collaboration with a couple of party/music /DJ borderlings.
You are welcome!


The Cloud Cathedral är en del av projektet Scenario för samskapande med finansiering från Kulturbryggan.

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